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About us
About US  Haboon  is locally owned Somaliland Constructions company employing around 150  staff across Somaliland and with completion of approximately 50 of constructions annually.   HCC is highly respected and well-established contracting company, with professional builders and surveyors supported by an experienced administrative team.


We provide a complete range of construction and program management services in all in the segments of residential and business building market. 



We are the countries largest and leading building company.

Haboon's strong commitment to the vision and value under which we operate are of paramount importance. Safety, quality, outstanding customer satisfaction and all the values associated with being an ethical, responsible and innovative company will guide our company in the 21st century.  Since its inception in 1982,

Haboon's homes have featured the best of the local craftsmen. At Haboon l we pride ourselves with the Engineering necessary to build your dream home in your own custom and within your sight.


Bath & Toilet